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My Princess, Meri

Meri My Princess

My Princess ‘Meri’

Meri was my second sow guinea pig, I bought her from livestock market at Prapen, Surabaya when she about 6 months old. Firstly, I caged her with my boar Minying, before I knew that was forbidden due to their speed of breeding. And Finally she got pregnant, and give birth to 2 baby abbysinian, which I named them Bobo and Popo. Bobo passed away 2 months ago because of URI (Upper Respiratory Infection).

Meri love to eat green lettuce, which caused bloat of her body. I took her to the vet, and the vet gave me some medicine for her, and finally she got fully recovered. She only want to eat peppers were cut along.

Meri like to lay down beside my fiance neck pillow (which I took from him :p) and her rabbit doll. After I upgrade their cage, I bought a pillow for my boar, just in time they didn’t used it, I gave it to Meri, and she love it!

Sometimes she sleep beside it, or sometimes above this pillow, like in my picture. She really act like a Queen. I think I want to change her name to Lady Marmalade :p


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