I called him, Itam

Short name I’ve given to a kitten in my house. Actually, he not belongs to kitten anymore, more big than kitten but smaller than adult. Whatever 😀

He came to our house  not long after ‘Tamie’ decided our house as his residence.  I called him, ITAM. With dominant blak colour of his body, white fur at his leg (make him looks like wearing 2 pair of socks) and at his chest. My fiance said, it’s like he’s use a wide white tie.

Sweet, cute, and very intimate. That’s how I describe him in my heart.

When he came to our house for the first time, he’s very wild, coward, and very watchfull. If I’m not wrong, he and his sibling were left at a house when the owner move to another place. And they’re very small, tiny. They’re left at a age, where they still need their mom, they still need the care – milk – warm hug.

When Tamie still alive, he always there wherever he was. Like there’re a glue that makes them together everywhere. Itam very loves Tamie. I can saw from the way he act to his siblings, how he cuddle with him, and by the way he tease with Tamie.

Two days before Tamie passed away, Itam act very strange, he’s behaviour became more intimate. He always scratch our windows, tried to kocked the door frequently. And when Tamie passed away, I known that was sign from him, to tell us that his sibling was sick and can’t came back to home.

After my hardest time, like he was knew that I was need more support, he became very friendly. Everytime I was came back home, he alway tried to got in to our home. Sometimes begging for food, begging to me to fill his water bowl, or just to watch me doing some activity at the kitchen. That’s how he comfort me.

One day, I bought him a mini toilet-a zeolit sand to used as a toilet. I just need to show him that’s this sand shouls used for ‘pop’ and ‘pee’, just that! And next, he knew by himself what function of it. Smart cat!.

But at another day, I saw him stand at our terrace,  dreamy, maybe he dream’s about Tamie. I know he felt loss of it. Thing we could do were gave the best care for him, a lot of love, and maybe more rubbing on his neck, like what he loves everyday 🙂

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Stay healthy Kid!

We love you

Art of Love | Jordin Sparks ft. Guy Sebastian 


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