Big Miracle in ‘Karawang,Indonesia’

“In West java, karawang, Pantai Pakis, a 12 meter long sperm whale stranded on july 25. That night the JAAN team went to the location and found the whale lying helplessly in undeep water at a distance of around 500 meters from the coast. That was a sad sight. Worse was, the disaster tourists attracted by the whale who came nearby with boats and children even ‘riding it’. The team was busy trying to keep people away, while making a plan to evacuate the beautiful marine mammal safely. These tourists really made rescue efforts almost impossible.”

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Kita semua ada dalam satu ekosistem, ada dalam satu susunan rantai makanan. Jika satu saja ada komponen penyusun yang hilang, ekosistem ini akan hancur. So, please respect another creature, even they’re just animals 🙂

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