No De-claw!

Why Do Cats Need Their Claws?

Life with Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats

I once read that a cat’s claws could be considered the “Swiss Army knife of the feline toolbox.”

At first glance, that can seem like a bit of an overstatement. I also realize that this topic can be highly controversial in the cerebellar hypoplasia community. I’ve met folks who have tremendously different opinions: Folks who have no qualms with declawing their cats, and folks on the other end of the spectrum who believe it’s wrong to trim your cat’s nails.

No matter which camp you’re a member of, take a moment to brush up on how cats use their claws. It may help you better understand your cat’s behaviors and needs.

So why exactly do cats have claws and how do they use them? Here are four reasons:

Attacking Prey

Outdoor Cats: For cats who live or roam outdoors, claws are an essential tool when dealing with prey. Cats…

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