Requiem 2019

The last surviving whale in the oceans meets it’s greatest enemy – MAN. That’s the short synopsis of this short movie (with duration only 4 minutes 14 seconds).

First time I saw this movie, the first thing I do was grab a pack of tissue, to help my tears not to come down. Maybe some people asking me, “why did you cried while watching it? You’re such a sentimental person”. Ok, it’s okay for me for their opinion. It’s free. I sat freezely for a couple minutes, before I can realize that it’s TRUTH. Someday, if we don’t change our habis, what we called tradition, we will live on planet without animal, DEAD PLANET. So, how about changed our habit become more good, start from now?

But one thing for sure, the reason I cried, could you imagine we live on the planet with last remain animal. Whether it our food source, or others, like whale. Could you imagine that situation? Living on the dead planet. Yes, dead planet, without animal, just us – Human. Even plant still remain can count by fingers, few.

Rutgers‘s said on his synopsis for this movie : ‘The slaughter of whales as a SOURCE of FOOD is so OUTDATED. Just because that is what they have always done? Tradition? Come on, now! People are the worst type of animal. One day, during a trip in a canoe, I literally looked straight into the eye of a whale. It is something that every man on Earth should experience. We must not be allowed to destroy these beautiful creatures. The consequences would be enormous. This is how we got around to the theme for Requiem 2019. Sil and I simply had to make something to stop people hunting down these wonderful creatures. I can’t go along with Sea Shepherd during their campaign. It’s better for me to do what I do best, and here it is!’

We said, we hunt them (whale) for food, for our stomach. They’re not source of food. That’s murder, the hunter brutally kill the whales, hunt them.

“What can a single individual say to the last surviving member of a species which has been around for millions of years? Requiem 2019 is a melancholy demand that we take individual responsibility for preserving the largest animal to have ever lived. Despite restrictions in hunting it still continues. In the Antarctic it is estimated that the population of blue whales is at one percent of its pre-hunting levels. What would become of human kind as a species if 99% of us were wiped of the face of the earth is, of course, conjecture: I sometimes wonder if we should even be classified as a species – virus seems a more appropriate term!”



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