Sweetlittlefurball named Muy

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We adopt her. No!She did! Why I said that?

Once, animal expert; animal psychology said that in lifetime, animal who adopt us-they who choosen who. And I believe what they said.

When I saw this kitty for the first time, she was sat calmly, silently, watching moving car and motorcycle at road, right in front of her. Then we across, we saw her. But we never imagine that this kitty someday will be our family member (while I’m pregnant at that time).

Then, we across the same road, again, saw her again. And suddenly, something dragged me to her. You may said I was insane, if I told that she dragged me to her, she dragged my soul. Yes, MY SOUL! Then I decided to take her home, which we used motorcycle at that time, I don’t mind. I never mind if people said that cat can caused miscarriage, I don’t mind. I never mind if people said that she was ugly and dirty because her open scars at her back, I don’t mind.

For me, SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL. No matter what people say!

After some medicine, some treatment for her open scars (she own three), she finally transformed into a glorious kitty, pretty, playful, and sometimes fussy (she always want my fried catfish, fried chicken, ice tea and trivial. She’ll never gave up until she got what she want.

Ohh, I forgot to mentioned it, her name was MUY. I named her after my previous kitten who died because some diarrhea.

And here she is, now, live happily with us, with my baby; who always want to be her side, slept with her and play with her. Thanks God I found her (I’ll never called her with ‘it’, she’s living creature, not things.

Thanks she adopted us!


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