Happy Birthday my Princess, Nabila

Happy 1st year birthday my baby, my Bila

Today was your first birthday. I sent my prayer to God, that you’ll be a good kid, sholehah, filial to your parents, grown up as a good lady, be a wise woman, a smart-future-woman and always protected by God from whom who have a bad motive to yourself, from whom who want to hurt you.

Mom apologize, that I can’t give you a ‘big’ present for your birthday. All I can gave as present only my promise that I will be a good mom for you, teach you, protected you and loved you ’till the end of my life. I just love you, darl.

From this meal, let we sent our sense of gratitude to Allah SWT, for what given to you, to us untill this day. For healthiness, for happiness, for what we have now, and hope this will hold on forever.

May you always surrounded with love, affection and sincere people who trully loves you.

Happy Birthday My Dearest, Nabila 🙂

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