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Movie Review : Blackfish

People may say I’m a freak when speaking about animal, animal abuse, animal charity or others. But when finally realize how’s the feel when you surrounded by animals, you may not call me an insane anymore

A couple months ago, I found some link, contained an information about a documentary movie (still about animal). They named it, “Blackfish”.  It tells the story about an ORCA; Killer Whale, the top predator in whales family. They colour were black and white.


In this documentary, the director want us to know how is the life of Orca in captivity; Seaworld. They told us, how big, how wide Orca’s pool, a place used as their home. Where they’re sleep, swimming, doing a show and eat, even born to their calf.

Can you imagine how’s life are they? Doing everything at the same place, SMALL PLACE. Every hour, every day, every night, for an entire life.

From this documentary, you can see, you can hear how they life would be. What’s their activity and the effect of their captivity. Yes! Here, you can known how a single killer whale, kills his trainer, which stated as an accident; drowning, splitting, etc. One of the Orca which done this, was named Tilikum.


In spite of all statements, facts, witness on these documentary, as a human being, for me, keeping an Orca n captivity, in the name of prosperity or preservation, it’s not right. It has to be done. None of the animals can keep in captivity, like those animal at Seaworld. An Orca should swam thousands mile a day, thousand depth a day. They’re social animal, the live with their pod, forever until die.

Their calf shouldn’t be separated from their mom, even from their pod. You catch one Orca, it means you kidnapped a kid right in front of their parents! Can you feel it? How’s to be the mom? Me? I can’t!

Despite all of the witness in the documentary, despite all of the witness from Seaworl, none of animals viable to live in captivity. You can learn the way of life of an Orca, how they’re capable of, how they’re belong as top predator. And you will know, the real reason they should live in WILD NATURE.

It’s one of my reason, why I’ll never take my children to zoo, dolphin show or Seaworld. That’s why I was the one of those who love when Seaworld at Jakarta has been closed. I hope it will be forever.

If you want to show your kids about wild animal, bring them to the wild where those animal belongs. If you can’t, show them the picture instead of taking them to zoo, Seaworld or circus. If you still can’t showed them, just tell the story., tell them how amazing those animals will be, then someday they’ll have a chance to meet them directly in the wild.

You can visit Blackfish website for more information :

blackfishmovie copy

“Never capture what you can’t control”

Happy watching guys 🙂

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