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The “Bond”

Sometimes in life, there really are bonds formed that can never be broken Sometimes, you really can find that one person who will stand by you, no matter what Maybe, you'll find it in a spouse and celebrate it with your dream wedding But there's also the chance, that the one person you can count… Continue reading The “Bond”

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Book Review: ALFIE – The Doorstep Cat

Another book need to buy šŸ™‚

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Hi everyone,

Today we have another very special book that we were lucky to get our hands on!

The book in question? ALFIE ā€“ The Doorstep Cat by Rachel Wells!

Doorstep cat 3b

The book begins with how Alfie looses his elderly owner and their family is left behind to decide what to do with poor Alife. Based on the discussion of his owners family Alfie fears the thought of ending up in a shelter and decides to search for a new home on his own.

The book is written from the view point of Alfie, other cats and the humans that he meets along the way onĀ his journey!

The story unfolds over 300 and a few pages and has kept us glued to the pages for the entire time. šŸ˜€

ThisĀ is a perfect example as to why pets are so important to our life by bringing hope and companionship to those aroundā€¦

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Mews: MEOW – A book of happiness for cat lovers

Me want this book : MEOW ā€“ A book of happiness for cat lovers

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Hi everyone,

On the 27th of October Anouska Jones a cat loving book editor will be releasing her latest book!

The book is called MEOW: A book of happiness for cat lovers

meow a book of happiness for cat lover

ļæ¼The book comes in a Hard back format and has super high quality glossy photo pages.

Each page of the book contains an amazing cat photo with an accompanying quote. Anouska has carefully sourced these from a variety of sources and we have got to say her collection is superb!

Meow Extract-7

Over-all verdict?

The book comes with 160 pages filled with cuteness of cats to brighten up your day and is a must have for any cat lovers and cat owners alike! The photos alone would already be awesome but together with the quotes they are just purrfect. šŸ™‚


More info on the book from the publisher:


A book of happiness for cat lovers
By Anouska Jones

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Movie Review : The Cove

Film dokumenter hewan pertama yang saya punya. Sekilas dulu mendapatkan info mengenai film ini dari berita luar negeri (tepatnya apa saya lupa). Film ini menceritakan mengenai pembantaian secara massal terhadap lumba-lumba di perairan Taiji, Jepang dari sudut pandang aktivis konservasi laut.Ā The CoveĀ mendapatkan penghargaanĀ Academy Award for Best Documentary FeatureĀ pada 2010, dan U.S. Audience Award Ā 25th Annual… Continue reading Movie Review : The Cove

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Book Review : Oogy

Aku selalu percaya pemilik hewan memiliki tanggung jawab sepenuhnya atas segala yang dapat dilakukannya untuk membuat hidup hewan peliharaannya senyaman dan sedamai mungkin. Tanggung jawab itu datang pada saat seseorang memutuskan akan memasukkan hewan ini kedalam kehidupannya. Sama seperti memiliki anak, sekali kita membuat keputusan untuk bertanggung jawab atas suatu kehidupan, hanya ada satu cara… Continue reading Book Review : Oogy

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Book Review : Oscar – Si Kucing Ajaib

Buku berjudul "Oscar Si Kucing Ajaib" merupakan sebuh kisah nyata seekor kucing yang dapat mengetahui saat-saat terakhir seseorang. "Ketika pertama kali tiba di Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center di Rhode Island, Oscar masih seekor anak kucing yang lincah dan menggemaskan. Tapi tak lama kemudian Oscar mulai menjadi bahan pembicaraan. Rupanya kucing biasa ini mempunya… Continue reading Book Review : Oscar – Si Kucing Ajaib